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Private Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting with Greek tradition's culinary surprises

Private Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting with Greek tradition's culinary surprises

This experience combines the beauty of nature, the pleasure of wine tasting, and the deliciousness of Greek cuisine for an unforgettable journey of taste and culture. Come and explore the flavors of Greece with us!

Get to know the vineyard, its gardens, and the wine production under the blue sky of Attica. The guided tour of our vineyard, focusing on the history of the estate (est. 1878), is a relaxing escape back into the 19th century, a trip back in time that combines learning, gustatory pleasure, and mental relaxation. You will have the opportunity to walk among the vines and learn how wine is produced, from the picking of the grapes to wine fermentation at the winery. You will appreciate the beauty and authenticity of the vineyard and listen to interesting stories from Greek mythology and the role wine played in it.  You will learn about the history of the estate and how the founder, Andreas Kambas, transformed the lands (originally used for animal grazing) into a productive wine-growing country.   

After the guided tour (available in Greek and in English), in the beautiful, shady garden of the estate, you will taste our wines, Savatiano, Malagouzia and Syrah, appropriately paired with carefully selected traditional Greek appetizers.

  • Duration: 120 minutes

  • Group size: up to 12 persons

  • Consider wearing a pair of comfortable shoes, so you can walk around the estate with no worries.
  • Adults are charged with 50€  per person
  • Children (charged with 25€) are welcome to join the tour and accompany the delicious food with drinks of their choice. 

Joining the last group allows you to stay longer in the area as well as consume a bottle of wine of your choice accompanied by our tasty delicacies. One bottle serves two people and is charged at €12.50 per person.

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