Matsa Estate in Attica, is located in Kantza, an area renowned for the cultivation and production of high quality wines.​

It is considered a historic vineyard established in 1878 with vines over 30 years old.

The estate, with a total area of ​​122.000 sq.m, is cultivated according to the principles of organic farming. Its soils are of medium mechanical composition, clay loam, rich in calcium, potassium and maganium.

The main feature of the ecosystem is the famous Attica climate. Warm and dry with mild winters and hot summers, ideal for viticulture.


Although this historic vineyard in Kantza is considered the cradle of the Savatiano variety, in recent years there have been many experimental plantings with various foreign and other Greek varieties.

Currently the varieties Savatiano, Roditis, Assyrtiko, Syrah, Malagouzia, and Sauvignon blanc are all cultivated on the estate.


The symbol of Roxane Matsa, which appears on the distinctive labels of Roxane Matsa wines is the Venetian lion, considered to be the 'protector of the vines'. The statue of the lion was found on the estate and was gifted to the Greek state by the Matsa family, along with the land it was discovered on. Today the statue is located just a few meters away from the northern vineyard. The logo of the estate was created by the renowned Greek artist, Yiannis Tsarouchis. He drew the sketch in 1945 and dedicated it to Roxane Matsa in 1984. Υou will notice at the bottom of the logo below, the words "στη Ρωξάνη με αγάπη" (to Roxane with love) along with the artist's signature with the date.