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Syrah Matsa

Syrah Matsa


Variety: 100% Syrah

Vintage: 2020

Region: Attica

Country: Greece

Certification: PGI Attiki red dry organic wine

 Soil Type: Marl (clay loam) medium-textured soil, rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Age of Vines: 21 yo

Altitude: 180 m

Avg Yield per vine: 2.3 kg

Harvest Date: 30st of August


Wine Maker Comments

Visual: Deep red color with violet tints

Aroma: Fresh aromatic character reminiscent of raspberries and strawberries

Taste: Balanced, rich in structure, juicy tannins and long lasting aftertaste.

Food pairing: Red meat dishes, pasta with basil pesto and Proscuitto, yellow hard cheeses such as gruyere

Serving Temperature: 14-16°C

Quantity: 3000 bottles

Winemaking process

Selection of grapes from the Syrah vineyard from the Roxani Matsa Estate in Attica. Hand-picking at the coolest times of the day, chilling of incoming grapes, followed by hand sorting in the winery. Low intervention red vinification scheme without the addition of sulfite salts throughout the vinification process. Alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tanks, gentle filtering, and bottling.

 2020 Domaine Matsa vintage specifics

The winter was quite cold with sufficient rainfall. Spring begun with relatively low temperatures delaying the bud break by 5-7 days. Two heat spikes were recorded during May which significantly diminished the populations of grape berry moth with subsequent beneficial results regarding grape quality.  A hail incident in the beginning of June was responsible for losing 25% of the overall grape production without further affecting grape quality as the berries were quite small at the time. With the exception of the anhydrous July, rainfall distribution was adequate throughout the growing season. The total water accumulation was found to be 478.3mm slightly lower than the region mean. In August rainfall of 20mm prior to the harvest helped the vines withstand the subsequent high temperatures that followed and contributed to a good maturation of the grapes. The harvest began with Sauvignon Blanc (6 - 8/8/2020), Malagouzia (8-16/8), Roditis (28-29/8) , Syrah (29-30/8), and Assyrtiko (30/8 - 2/9) followed while the harvest ended with the picking of Savatiano between 2/9 - 4/9/2020. In spite of the comparatively low production, we are very satisfied with the superior quality of this year’s wines.

Analytic details

Alcohol: 13.7%

Volatile acidity: 0.56 g/L acetic acid

Total acidity: 6.1 g/L tartaric acid

pH: 3.45

Reducing sugars: 2.2 g/L

Total SO2: <10 ppm

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